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The Mini Jar Company is a small family business set up in 2012 to produce non volume production of specialised Chutneys, Curds, Mustards And Preserves that cannot readily be purchased from your local supermarket shelves in small individual 45ml jars, which untill recently used to be common place in the major UK Supermarkets.
All the products produced and sold by The Mini Jar Company are manufactured in Birmingham and at our small production and processing facility in Newnam Bridge, Worcestershire, UK.

All products are handmade in small controlled batches in order to maintain subtle individual flavour and quality which is a real advantage over mass produced products that can be purchased in your local supermarkets.

No extracts, essence, additives, colouring agents, malt based vinegars, flavourings or setting agents are used in the production of any of the products MAKING ALL of my products natural and suitable for vegiterians and Celiac's. Also where possible I try to use "local" producers for a much of my materials when in season from fellow producers at the Farmers markets we sell out of.

The Mini Jar Company's business is currently run from our family home in Birmingham (which has been inspected & passed by the Birmingham Health & Environmental Department, Warwickshire Farmers  Market Association and HEFF, and our small production and processing facility in Newnam Bridge, Worcestershire, but due to increase demand for my products over the passed 18 months it may not be long before I will be looking for a small incubator unit that will serve as our base BUT be assured that the quality of the product will still remain the focus of the business.

We currently have a small number of shops selling our products including the Handmade Scotch Egg Company which we produce 2 Chilli based Chutneys specifically for them to use in 2 of their Scotch Eggs Braveheart and Black Fire , but we are always constantly looking for more in all areas as we are constantly being asked as we attend food shows around the country for "local stockists" within the area of the shows. We also support the local Farmers Markets (See link above) in the West Midlands and Worcestershire area with our range of products.

For more information, a list of our stockists, our range of products or forth coming venues please select the relevant sections of this WEB Site or E-Mail us at info@minijarcompany.co.uk.

Attending Major Food Venues around the country and customer requests from the Farmers Markets we attend their has been a market increase in sales of the smaller jars to the public. The main and interesting comments have been "well I will try this out to see if I like it", "these jars are just right when you live alone" and may more similar.

Of course as "The Mini Jar Company" is a subsidury of Holly And The Ivy which was set-up by Lin Whitehead some 11 years ago product consistancy, quality of the products and diversity is well proven and offers the customers the chance if they want, purchase larger jars of the products from the same company.

Lin infact still has the same ethos regarding the "Mini jar Company" as that of Holly And The Ivy and still states that "I do not intend to even attempt to compete with the large companies already producing similar products, but have decided to focus on low volume specialised merchandise that cannot be found on the supermarket shelf".
To access the Holly And The Ivy WEB Site and ON-Line shop please CLICK HERE

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