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Kumquats In Vodka And Cointreau

Kumquats In Vodka And Cointreau


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Product Description

Do you want to give something very special to the persion in your life that likes VODKA?? Well look not further and purchase this NEW artisan preserve from the Mini Jar Company. Great for an alternative Valentine day or Easter Gift.

Made with fresh Kumquats which are then preserved in a Vodka and Cointreau solution making the product being under alcohol has a preservation time of up to 4 years with a minimum amount of precaution.Keep in a dry, cool place and it must not be exposed to the rays of the sun. Once open the product must remain under alcohol, if kept under these conditions the product should have no preservation problem, after opening.

Our passion for good unusual preserves leads us to be always on the look-out for new things to introduce our customers new and old to serve at their table. It is just the case of this particular fruit in liqueur. The difference from other similar products is in the fact that we have chosen to use a carefully selected fresh fruit then immerse the fruit in liqueur, opportunely prepared, absorbs the succulent liqueur and goes back to having its original fragrance leaving a sweet, fresh fruit sensation to the palate. This fruit in liqueur brings a splendid finale to any good meal, it acts as a delicious interlude, wonderful as a fruit salad in liqueur, and it adds that special touch to ice creams or cocktails. Don't be found without it!.

As with all of our products full documentation covering EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011 (EUFIC) Allergenic ingredients by way of a Allergen Checker document can be supplied on request.

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